In the Refugee Education Challenge, we are asking people and organizations around the world to design education solutions that help refugees (including seniors) learn new skills and gain access to a quality education.


Over 50 million people globally have been forced to flee their homes — leaving behind their schools, jobs and communities. Men, women and children must start again, either in new regions of their home countries or in host countries around the world. Amid uncertainty about the future, one thing is for sure: refugees need skills and information to help them adjust to their new circumstances, integrate into communities and thrive.

The experience of each refugee is unique, but we have captured a glimpse of the challenges they face. Our research helped us uncover the five key areas for designing solutions that you see below. We believe that together with excellent supporters we can meaningfully improve educational opportunities for refugees, everywhere.

How might we help refugees learn new skills and gain access to a quality education? Add your idea to our challenge.

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